[Mailman-Users] Re: Newbie requesting basic how-to

Chris Barnes chris-barnes at tamu.edu
Wed Sep 22 16:26:26 CEST 2004

Brad Knowles <brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> wrote:
>>  I've figured that out, and I can certainly see why it makes sense
>>  when the list administrator is not directly on the machine that
>>  hosts mailman, but it seems like it would be useful to have an
>>  alternative of running a python GUI that does the same thing
>>  without having to run the web server when the use for it is so
>> limited. Just a suggested item for the to-do list.
> I don't understand how you could possibly accomplish this.  Are
> you proposing that the Python developers create an entire new
> Graphical User Interface, to compete with X11R6/Gnome/KDE and the
> like, and then somehow serve this remotely via the Internet?!?

I'm going to come at his question from the 'other side'...
Having "grown up" in a Listserv (lsoft) environment since the mid 80's, 
I *like* being able to configure my server by use of .config files (ie. 
text editing) and create/maintain lists via email.  After all, it seems 
ALOT harder to use 20 different webpage forms than it is to type in:

Put Listname List PW=listpw
Listdescription line

Subscription=  Owner                 Send=     Public
Reply-To=      Sender                Review=   Private
Confidential=  Yes                   Service=  *
Editor-Header= No                    Notify=   Yes
Subject-Tag=   MyList                Default-Options= Subj
Default-Topics= Other
Notebook = Yes,/archives/listname,Monthly,Private
Digest = Yes,Same,Daily,,10000

Owner= chris at txbarnes.com Chris Barnes
Owner= Quiet:
Owner= Owner(otherList)
Editor= chris at txbarnes.com Chris Barnes
Editor= (otherList)

and email it to the server.

Please don't mistake what I'm saying here.  I like MailMan and it has 
some nice features that Listserv doesn't have (the newsgroup mirroring 
for example is great).  And of course the fact it's free whereas 
Listserv is &$#$@ expensive is a HUGE bonus.  But there is alot to be 
said for simplicity.


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