[Mailman-Users] Umbella lists

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Sep 24 19:37:53 CEST 2004

Richard Barrett wrote:
>On 24 Sep 2004, at 16:08, Chris Barnes wrote:
>> I have a question about umbrella lists.
>> I understand the concept (and use them on my Lsoft Listserv lists).  
>> But
>> what I am unsure about is how they are implemented in MM.
>> Please correct my thinking here.
>> If you have an umbrella list, it has a group of sublists to which it
>> will re-distribute its messages, right?  Then it should do these 2
>> things:
>> a) make sure that a person that is subscribed to multiple sublists only
>> gets 1 copy of the message
>> b) use it's own Subjectprefix (pre-empting the subject prefix of the
>> sublists)
>> The problem I have is that this is not what is happening.  Our umbrella
>> list is basically acting like the sublists are simple subscribers -
>> meaning neither (a) nor (b) above is occurring.
>Unfortunately you are saying what you think umbrella lists should do, 
>not understanding what MM does do with them, which is not very much.
>What Mailman does is described in the help for the umbrella_list and 
>umbrella_member_suffix list attributes on the General Options page of 
>the Mailman admin web GUI.
>If you want more then you will have to wait for Mailman's volunteer 
>developers to do it or become one and do it yourself.

But see FAQ article at
for a possible work-around.

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