[Mailman-Users] Adding massive subscribers

Arlequín amahoro at adinet.com.uy
Tue Sep 28 21:16:44 CEST 2004

Hello, there.

I am using a MailMan system instaled at by the hosting company which 
offers us the possibily to have mail lists.

I have to deliver a little report in a month basis and have 1200+ 
addresses to add.

I have a file (Unix CR+LF format) in my Linux box and before adding it 
using the MailMan List Administrator web front-end I want to know in 
wich format the file must be.

Comma-separated values, one address by line....?
CR-LF Unix or MS-Windows format...?

I'll feed the MailMan System using Mozilla for Windows.

Thanks in advance.
Arlequín                             _o)
amahoro_AT_adinet_DOT_com_DOT_uy     / \\
http://counter.li.org/             _(___V
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