[Mailman-Users] no public archives possible

Heiner Lamprecht heiner at kflog.org
Tue Sep 28 21:25:59 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I have a problem creating public archives on my server, running a 
multi-domain environment.

Private archives are not problem.  The appropriate domain is used in 
the links and the archives is accessible for all who have the 
password.  But as soon as I switch the flag to "public", the links 
to the archive (from the several pages in Mailman webfrontend) 
point to the wrong domain.  And when I want to see the archive, I 
only get "Access denied" (no matter, what domain I use).  Apache 
log says:

"client denied by server 
configuration: /var/lib/mailman/archives/public/<listname>"


P.S.: Is there any way to limit a list to one domain?  I don't need 
to have multiple lists with the same name but for different 
domains.  But I don't like the idea, that one can post to one list, 
using every domain of the server ...

          heiner at kflog dot org    GnuPG - Key: E05AEAFC
  Fingerprint:  257A DFBF 4977 4585 77A0  3509 973B 92AA E05A EAFC
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