[Mailman-Users] Web interface with unqualified hostnames

Bruce A Baumgart Bruce.Baumgart at inl.gov
Wed Apr 6 23:31:36 CEST 2005

If I access the list create web page using http://machine/mailman/create, 
list creation fails with "unknown virtual host".  It works fine if I 
access it with http://machine.inel.gov/mailman/create.  It also looks like 
mailman uses the hostname in the URL to build web pages.

Our internal users are used to not putting the domainname in the url when 
they access a local machine.  I have played some with virtualhost, but 
can;t get it to do what I want.  Is there any way to get mailman to make 
hostnames fully qualified when the machine is not accessed that way?

Solaris 9
Mailman 2.1.5
Apache  1.1.31

Bruce Baumgart
Bruce.Baumgart at inel.gov

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