[Mailman-Users] footer

Jardar Eggesbø Abrahamsen jardar at nvg.ntnu.no
Tue Apr 19 15:32:18 CEST 2005

Well, I discovered what was the matter. The footer is always sent as ISO 
8859-1, even if it contains only US ASCII characters. To one list I 
usually write in Norwegian, so the body is also ISO 8859-1, and then the 
footer is appended to the body. To the other list I usually write only 
ASCII. In that case the footer has another content-type than the body, and 
it is attached as a separate mime part.

I wonder why the footer is always ISO 8859-1. And in the instances where 
it only contains ASCII characters, it would be compatible with most 
encodings, and could in theory just be appended to the body anyway, 
couldn't it?


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