[Mailman-Users] appended email addresses on probe?

Thomas Hochstein ml at ancalagon.inka.de
Sun Apr 24 12:54:07 CEST 2005

Brad Knowles schrieb:

> 	I'm not sure where you're getting this so-called example from, 
> but the message body doesn't look like anything that Mailman would be 
> generating.

Obviously Mailman is forwarding a sample bounce in the probe message.
Bounces can (and, regarding a mailing list, most probably will)
countain more than one failed address.

> 	Yes, Mailman will generate probe messages for users whose mail 
> has been bouncing, and may VERP those probe messages to try to make 
> sure that it is likely to detect all the various different types of 
> failure modes that may otherwise mask who the original recipient may 
> have been.  But I don't see any way that it could possibly be 
> generating messages of the sort you're complaining about.

"A bounce sample is attached below."


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