[Mailman-Users] Mailman no longer processing one mailing list

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Aug 1 05:26:43 CEST 2005

Diana Kirk wrote:
>I just spent some time going through the searchable archives at 
>mail-archive.com, but didn't see my question (or its answer). I sent 
>a support ticket to my web host (via cpanel) and they are looking 
>into it, but basically they've asked me if there isn't anything else 
>I can tell them.
>I have two mailing lists with this web host for the same domain name 
>(lista at mydomain.com and listb at mydomain.com). Both are active and were 
>working as programmed to work. Some time between Friday afternoon and 
>Saturday morning, listb at mydomain.com, no longer processed any mail. 
>Lista at mydomain.com continues to work as expected.
>I'm the list administrator and only moderator currently, as well as a 
>subscriber to the list. I have my subscription set up to send an 
>acknowledgment from Mailman that my posts have been received. I'm not 
>getting any acknowledgments. The posts are not being archived, nor 
>were they distributed to the mailing list, or sent to the list admin 
>or moderator's mailboxes for approval. As the list admin, I should 
>receive any unhandled bounces, and the posts didn't do that either. 
>I've pinged the mail address -- that's fine. And, in fact, the other 
>mailing list continues to receive, send out acknowledgments, archive, 
>and distribute the mail without problems.
>Does this ring a bell with anybody? Any clues as to what the web 
>hosting people should be looking for in the logs? Which logs should 
>they look in? Any guidance you can offer is appreciated.

concentrating on those things that could affect only a single list
plus the logs, i.e., items 2), 6), 7) and 8)

See also

You might find something useful in the recent posts at

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