[Mailman-Users] Questions about Mass Subscriptions

David Scribner BIConsulting at blackiris.com
Wed Aug 17 05:16:24 CEST 2005

I'm in the process of moving lists over to my Mailman server from 
another list server.  I can get an exported list of subscribers from 
that server but I need to know the format for the file for use with a 
Mass Subscription to the Mailman Server.

The export from the old list server is in the format of:

First Name Last Name <tab> address

Can Mailman import the list that way and associate the person's name 
with the address?

Also, some of the people are Digest subscribers and the current list 
server has them as a separate subscription list.  Is there some way 
that I can do a Mass Subscription of those addresses and have them 
all set to be Digest Subscribers or do I need to add them and then go 
through the list of Subscribers and set them to Digest manually?

Thanks for your help

David Scribner
BI Consulting

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