[Mailman-Users] Some users do not get emails

Tim Howes thowes at ssi-ltd.com
Fri Aug 26 13:04:51 CEST 2005


I am reasonably new to using mailman and I have a problem that I cannot
trace.  I have setup a list which is essentially private.  I have managed to
test the list by subscribing myself - however the main users of this list at
Company A do not get any emails i.e. the initial confirmation email hence
are not able to use the list.

I have made sure that the different types of emails are in their spam
program to be by passed i.e. listname-owner or listname-request@

I have also test by using hotmail accounts and gmail accounts and they seem
to be fine.

The only clue I have at present is that the log /var/log/mailman/bounce
appears to have entries for this failed attempts.  But I cannot be sure if
it my setup that is preventing the emails are their system.

Example log entry

Aug 25 12:00:35 2005 (32397) bounce message with non-members of listname:
someone at companyA.com

My mailman version is mailman-2.1.1-5 on RHE3

Thanks in advance for any pointers on this.


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