[Mailman-Users] Questions on 'List Renaming' & Misc.

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Aug 27 20:46:50 CEST 2005

Joe Espinoza wrote:
>- Under the membership management page, I'll set the Additional Member Task=
>s to
>  turn on the mod flag for all users. That way if anyone sends a msg
>to the list, including me...it will sit and wait in the queue until I
>release it. Which is nice, especially if I goof up and accidentally
>send it out.

Note that this is a "one time" action that turns on the mod flag for
all current subscribers. You also want to set Privacy
options...->Sender filters->default_member_moderation to Yes so that
future subscribers are moderated by default.

You also want to be sure that Privacy options...->Sender
filters->generic_nonmember_action is set to something other than
Accept - probably Discard if you don't want to confirm the existence
of the list with a rejection message.

>- Disable monthly password reminders.
>- Strip out the List footer that's automatically added to each message
>that's sent out.
>Other than what I've listed above, is their anything else that I might
>be missing?
>For example, since the goal here is for everyone to NOT know that they
>are on some sort of list...are their any other
>daily/monthly/occasional msgs that Mailman MIGHT send out to the list
>other than password reminders?

I think only bounce related messages. See below.

You may also want to set


in mm_cfg.py and then set Non-digest options->personalize to Full
Personalization which will cause each recipient's message to be To:
his/her address.

>Also, with this type of List and what I want to accomplish, how can
>'automatic bounce-message processing' either help or hinder my goals?

Automated bounce processing helps by ultimately removing dead addresses
from the list without your intervention. The issue in your case is
that bounce processing sends 0 or more warnings (number set by
bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings) to the bouncing address before
deleting it and sends a final notification when the address is
deleted. Since an address can be bouncing for a 'temporary' reason
such as a full mailbox or a suspended account that is subsequently
reinstated, the user may receive one of these notices which will
reveal that she/he is/was on the list.

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