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            Thank you for the quick response.  I am going to attempt to
import a list of subscribers as well as the archives from my L-Soft
listserv application. I think I may manually add the list of
subscribers.  The archives will be a different story.  I am going to
have to figure out what format it comes out of listserv first; then
switch the format to mbox so that it can be added to mailman.

If you, or anyone else, has any insight into switching from listserv
format to mbox format that, too, would be appreciated.


Pati Moss

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At 7:19 AM -0500 2005-12-05, Moss, Patricia wrote:


>  I am trying to figure out the correct procedure for importing data,

>  L-Soft Listserv 1.8e, into my mailman installation.  Can someone

>  me in the direction of some steps or procedures to get this done?


            What kind of data?  Lists of subscribers?  Using the web

interface, go to "Membership Management..." and then to "Mass 

Subscribe".  You can select a file to upload (with one subscriber 

e-mail address per line) or you can cut-n-paste that kind of 



            Archives are imported in 7th edition "mbox" format, as

in the FAQ Wizard.


            Importing anything else is much more manual in nature.



            So far as I know, there are no tools that have been
developed for 

the express purpose of importing Listserv format mailing lists into 

Mailman.  But, it shouldn't be too hard to write Python programs to 

do that, and the community would certainly welcome your efforts in 

this regard.



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