[Mailman-Users] Importing data

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Mon Dec 5 13:31:36 CET 2005

At 7:19 AM -0500 2005-12-05, Moss, Patricia wrote:

>  I am trying to figure out the correct procedure for importing data, from
>  L-Soft Listserv 1.8e, into my mailman installation.  Can someone point
>  me in the direction of some steps or procedures to get this done?

	What kind of data?  Lists of subscribers?  Using the web admin 
interface, go to "Membership Management..." and then to "Mass 
Subscribe".  You can select a file to upload (with one subscriber 
e-mail address per line) or you can cut-n-paste that kind of 

	Archives are imported in 7th edition "mbox" format, as described 
in the FAQ Wizard.

	Importing anything else is much more manual in nature.

	So far as I know, there are no tools that have been developed for 
the express purpose of importing Listserv format mailing lists into 
Mailman.  But, it shouldn't be too hard to write Python programs to 
do that, and the community would certainly welcome your efforts in 
this regard.

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