[Mailman-Users] Mailman is on the web server, mail is going to the mail server. How do I connect them?

Young, Darren Darren.Young at ChicagoGSB.edu
Thu Dec 15 18:29:57 CET 2005

> Mail is delivered to mail.tblc.org.  Mailman is running on 
> lists.tblc.org.
> How can I get Mailman to get the mail sent to listname at lists.tblc.org?

I mx our mailman server to lists.chicagogsb.edu and it works fine. Our
previous domain, gsb.uchicago.edu has an mx that points to an iplanet
mail server. To support <list>@gsb.uchicago.edu that points to
<list>@lists.chicagogsb.edu, I add a mail distribution alias on the
gsb.uchicago.edu system for each mailman list address (owner, request,
subscribe, etc). The mail aliases on iplanet are basically 'forwards'
that receive inbound on a name then forward on to the other address.
I've modified all of our list creation scripts to add the necessary
entries in our LDAP servers for this to happen. Adds another hop and
dependency to the list processing, but it works and provides backwards
name space support.

> Mail.tblc.org is currently running Postfix, but will 
> eventually become an
> Exchange server.  (I know, I know.)

Asking for trouble eh?

> Is fetchmail a viable solution?  If you've got a similar 
> setup (Mailman not
> running on the MX), how do you handle it?

Why not mx the mailman instance?

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