[Mailman-Users] 'Go to list archives' Link & virtual host

Marcus Sobchak lists at localguru.de
Thu Dec 15 23:26:16 CET 2005


I've created a new list using "newlist
listname-user at mailman.mydomain.org"
  The admin webinterfaces point to http://mailman.mydomain.org using an
Apache virtual host. Inside the admin webinterface all link point
correctly to http://mailman.mydomain.org, but not the 'Go to list
archives' Link! It points to the 
  DEFAULT_URL_HOST   = 'mydomain.org'

configuration set in /etc/mailman/mm_cfg.py. Setting it to
'mailman.mydomain.org' is not a solution, because I'd like to use the
admin interface from different apache virtual hosts.

I've played a little bit with mailman's virtual hosts features, but this
didn't help or I used them in a wrong way.


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