[Mailman-Users] [mailman-users] receiving list mail from account to which mail cannot be delivered

webster at lexmark.com webster at lexmark.com
Wed Dec 21 22:36:16 CET 2005

So, I have a made-up 'bot' account which needs to send e-mail to some of 
my lists, but any e-mail delivered to its address will bounce.

I see two ways to do this:
1)  Make it a list member with 'nomail' checked.
2)  When this account first tried to send e-mail to a list, it was not a 
member, the note was held, & the moderator was notified.  On the 
moderators html page (/admindb/), I can check the box 'Add ... sender' & 
select the radio button 'Accepts' .

So, now a few questions:
1)  Can/How #2 be done before-hand (before the e-mail is held because the 
sender is not a member of the list), on the website ?
2)  related to #1:  How can this 'accept this address as sender' be undone 
3)  & most importantly:  Is there a way to make this default for all new 
[created] lists ?  Can I set some 'default' so that a specified e-mail 
address is either accepted as a sender without being a member, or make it 
a member which doesn't receive mail ('nomail'), for all new lists at their 
creation ?


Gary R. Webster

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