[Mailman-Users] Released: Mailman 2.1.7b1

Ralf Hildebrandt Ralf.Hildebrandt at charite.de
Fri Dec 30 09:51:03 CET 2005

* John W. Baxter <jwblist at loricamail.com>:

> Ah.  There is a difference between the line endings on the wire, which the
> RFC is discussing, and the line endings on some particular machine.  On the
> wire, the <LF><TAB> sequence will (almost certainly) become <CR><LF><TAB>
> and then (probably) switch back upon arrival on a Unix machine.  (Or stay as
> is on Windows or become <CR><TAB> on Mac OS 9 and below.)

> The <line-ending><TAB> sequence is good as it provides the whitespace
> needed to make the second part a continuation.

> As I recall, there was a mail program involved which didn't like the
> folded header?

Not in my own test. The program that choked was some outlook version.

> It appears that Mailman is doing the right thing.  (At least the
> designed thing...the <TAB> rather than <space> bothers some, and the
> current code uses <space> if a header comes in folded by a space.
> That's what the little dance in CookHeaders.py is working out.  TAB is
> used if an unfolded Subject: expands enough due to the prefix being
> added that it now needs to be folded.)

I still think a space should be folded <CR><LF>space and not <CR><LF><Tab>
But then I don't care, since MY MUA displays that correctly, and
Outlook Whatever is almost always wrong anyway...

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