[Mailman-Users] I am getting closer :)

Mark Ballard mballard at elmolino.org
Wed Feb 2 18:06:48 CET 2005

OK, it is almost working,

Two things left to fix.
I would like to edit the outgoing email that explains how to post.

And also,

When I add a new user from the web I get two admin requests to approve.

One to  mailman-owner at mydomain.org  < the main list>
from test-owner at mydomain.org <the newly created mail list>

if I accept this then I get another admin request to approve
to: test-owner at mydomain.org
 From listjoiner at somedomain.org

Why am I getting two for each person who subscribes.

Mark Ballard
Site Technology Specialist
El Molino High School

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