[Mailman-Users] Low level smtp error - connection refused

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Feb 9 08:26:56 CET 2005

Andy McHargue wrote:
>When logged into the machine, telnet localhost 25 -- results in 
>'connection refused' -- uhh, is this a problem?


>Since my messages are 
>reaching mailman, I'm not sure.  If it's a problem, how can I correct.

It has nothing to do with incoming messages reaching Mailman. It is
Mailman trying to send outgoing messages via SMTP to localhost port 25.

You have to configure sendmail to listen on localhost ( port
25 (specified in Mailman as SMTPPORT = 0 which allows smtplib to use
the default) or you can specify a different SMTP server and/or port in
mm_cfg.py with SMTPHOST = and SMTPPORT =.

How do you send mail from this machine? Do you use an MUA which
connects to an SMTP server to send the mail, e.g. sendmail on this
machine or some other SMTP server? If so, assign the address or fully
qualified domain name of this server to SMTPHOST in mm_cfg.py and
assign the port to SMTPPORT if it's not 25.

Either that or configure sendmail to listen for connection on localhost.

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