[Mailman-Users] what gives?

sea23 at seasalt.org sea23 at seasalt.org
Thu Feb 17 02:15:42 CET 2005

Chuq Von Rospach wrote:

> sure it can. it's a porn site. you running IE on windows, right?
> try installing firefox on the same machine and see what happens.

I AM running firefox.

Reread my post, please. Are you saying that someone (or program) 
hijacked my web browser and patiently waits for me to subscribe to this 
mailing list or any other mailman mailing list in order to then send me 
a confirm mailman email for their list?! Like I said, I have subscribed 
to this list twice, two weeks apart. Each time I did, I received a 
mailman confirm email for THEIR list within 24 hours after I first 
posted to the list.

What I think is that these people are subscribed to this list and when 
someone posts to this list for the first time, they then subscribe them 
to their list and out goes a confirm email from them.

Try it yourself. Subscribe to this list with a new email address and 
then post something.


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