[Mailman-Users] Giant lists

Tyler Strickland tyler at adoptionmedia.com
Thu Feb 24 20:15:45 CET 2005

In the process of researching for better ways to do things with our 
mailman list, I came across the 'Giant Lists' thread of a few weeks ago. 
  Realizing that our list is actually larger than the list mentioned 
(though not by much) and that this is probably a list I should be 
participating in, I decided to sign up.

I'm sorry Cabel, but I'm going to have to take away your 'largest list' 
title.  The AdoptionWeek E-Magazine, currently run with MailMain, 
sendmail, and the MySQL MailmanMemberships patch 
(http://kyrian.ore.org/MailmanMysql/) currently serves 124,329 members. 
  This is a one-message-per-week list with _very_ tight restrictions on 
who can send out, so our load is probably lower than comparable 
discussion lists.

The list was originally converted to Mailman about a year ago by a 
different admin, so I'm not too familiar with how it was initially set 
up.  I do eventually hope to upgrade the server from Solaris an old Sun 
250 to Linux on something modern, though, and when that time comes I'm 
sure I'll be a _very_ active member of the list.

Right now it's taking us roughly 2-3 days to send out a single message 
to our whole list, so if anyone has any sendmail performance tips, I'd 
be glad to hear them.  I'm more of a postfix guy, myself, so sendmail is 
a whole new world for me.

Glad to be aboard!

Tyler Strickland
AdoptionMedia, L.L.C.

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