[Mailman-Users] howto ignore body of join/subscribe requests

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Feb 25 19:57:03 CET 2005

Yinen Yang wrote:

>Hi, I have recently installed mailman and have it all working except for 
>this one small problem. I use a web-based Form to get user information on my 
>website. When the form is submitted a copy of all the input goes to my email 
>address and I also have a copy going to list-subscribe at mailman. This 
>automates the joining of my list.
>The problem is that my web form sends text in the body of the email. Mailman 
>is accepting the subscribe request like it should, but then it attempts to 
>read the rest of the email as commands. Since the email isn't filled with 
>commands it bounces the "failed" commands back to the subscriber. This means 
>the automation process generates an ugly email of "failed" commands each 
>time somebody joins my list.
>Is there a way to make Mailman not try to read the body of a subscribe/join 
>request as more commands?

If the subject of the mail is "end" without the quotes, Mailman won't
attempt to process anything in the body, but it will still echo the
body as unprocessed commands. It will work similarly if the first line
of the body is "end".

I'm a bit confused though because normally, nothing after the first
failure will be attempted and the rest will be unprocessed anyway.
Also, I suspect you don't require user confirmation because in my
testing, I only get a "The results of your email commands" reply if
subscription fails for some reason (e.g. I'm already subscribed). If
the subscription request is successful, the only mail I get is the
subscription confirmation request.

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