[Mailman-Users] Endless authentication on private archives... cookies set...

Eric D Nielsen nielsene at MIT.EDU
Mon Jan 3 17:28:38 CET 2005

I'm running the Debian Stable package of GNU Mailman.  Public archives work;
however private archives require endless authentication.  After the first
authentication I see the table showing all the months of messages, clicking on
any entry brings up the authentication page again.  This occurs with either the
master-site password or a regular list subscriber.

Cookies are being set properly.

Background: (complicated, probably related...)
The server was installed with Debian Stable around Aug 02 and has been kept
patched.  In late Nov 04, we tried upgrading to Debian Testing; security issues
however, forced us to rollback to Debian Stable and restore from backups.

I had to fix several permissions immediately have the restore, but most
everything seemed to work -- the mailing lists were back up, new subscriptions
worked, moderation of postings worked, etc.  However there is the
abovementioned problem with the private list archives.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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