[Mailman-Users] Running Mailman with Cpanel, or on a different server

Glen Low glen.low at pixelglow.com
Wed Jan 5 02:02:00 CET 2005

Dear All

Apologies in advance if this is too newbieish -- I have consulted the 
online materials but to no avail.

The web hosting company I use has Mailman configured for use under 
Cpanel. Unfortunately they have a rule which limits outgoing emails to 
200 per hour. I know from online materials that it would be difficult 
to throttle the number of emails sent out, so I need to explore several 

As I understand it, the Cpanel install creates a lists subdirectory for 
each mailing list it creates.

1.	Can I override the HTML template used to generate pipermail archives 
by putting an appropriate file in the list subdirectory?
2.	Can I direct mailman to use a different machine or MTA through the 
list subdirectory?

If the Cpanel approach is too inflexible, I'm hoping to run Mailman and 
the MTA on my own server but keep the web-related parts on the web host 
company servers. (Primarily so there's no hassle to get an appropriate 
subdomain, so that the web and search engine traffic goes to their 
servers, etc.)

3.	Is it possible to get Mailman on my server to archive mail to the 
web host company server? Perhaps by using ftp? (Are the archives static 
files or cgi generated?)
4.	How about the web front ends to the mailing list, is it possible to 
somehow rewire the cgi to interface with the Mailman on my system?
5.	Can I get Mailman to talk to an MTA on a different server? e.g. my 
ISP server?

Cheers, Glen Low

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