[Mailman-Users] Running Mailman with Cpanel, or on a different server

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Jan 5 02:20:30 CET 2005

At 9:02 AM +0800 2005-01-05, Glen Low wrote:

>  1.	Can I override the HTML template used to generate pipermail archives
>  by putting an appropriate file in the list subdirectory?

	I don't believe so, but cPanel may have made changes to the 
version of Mailman that they provide.  Please see 

>  2.	Can I direct mailman to use a different machine or MTA through the
>  list subdirectory?

	It is possible to configure Mailman to use a different MTA for 
outgoing mail, but not via a file in the list subdirectory.  You'd 
have to modify the mm_cfg.py file.

>  3.	Is it possible to get Mailman on my server to archive mail to the
>  web host company server? Perhaps by using ftp? (Are the archives static
>  files or cgi generated?)

	You can't do this directly, but the archives are generated as 
static files by Mailman, so you could ftp the HTML and other files up 
to their server.  However, you'd also need to edit the HTML to use 
the URLs that would be correct for the appropriate locations on the 
hosting server as opposed to your local Mailman machine.  That would 
take some work, but is do-able.

	Of course, this would need to be automated via some mechanism 
outside of the scope of Mailman, such as cron.

>  4.	How about the web front ends to the mailing list, is it possible
>  to somehow rewire the cgi to interface with the Mailman on my system?

	I'm not entirely sure what you're asking here, but if I'm 
correct, then I don't think that this is possible.  You could set up 
a reverse proxy on your hosting provider server (or have them set up 
a reverse proxy for you), but I don't know if that is within the 
scope of the contract you have with them.

>  5.	Can I get Mailman to talk to an MTA on a different server? e.g. my
>  ISP server?

	Yes, by making the appropriate modifications to the mm_cfg.py 
file.  However, I believe that changing your outgoing MTA in this 
file will only affect lists that are created after the change is 
made, and all previously existing lists will continue to use the old 

	You'd need to do some work to copy all the list configuration 
items over to another list, delete the old list, then move the list 
configuration items back over again, with all subscriptions intact, 

	This can be a "non-trivial" task, depending on your particular 
list configuration, your subscriber list, etc....

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