[Mailman-Users] Removing attachment

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Jan 5 17:16:27 CET 2005

Guillaume Morin wrote:
>I would like to remove all attachments of the mails going to a specific
>mailing list. Browsing the doc and the faq, I have seen that we can
>block specific attachment, according to their MIME type, but I want to
>remove all of them. Can I do this with mailman ?

This is a little tricky, but you can probably do what you want.

There are various options depending on exactly the results you want,
but for example, placing the following in pass_mime_types (with
filter_content Yes)


will remove everything except plain text messages and plain text parts
from multipart/alternative messages. This probably isn't what you want
because it also removes everything from a multipart/mixed message
including the plain text part if any.

If you add


to the above, you will allow the plain text parts, but this also allows
plain text attachments.

I use


on most lists and this allows pretty much all plain text through and
nothing else (It does block e.g. multipart/related, but this rarely if
ever contains plain text).

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