[Mailman-Users] It seems Postfix is not the problem...

José Zapata jose.zapata at infonegocio.net.pe
Sun Jan 9 09:44:24 CET 2005

After checking and re-checking, it seems I was wrong in thinking Postfix might be the problem. Somehow, I think I've broken Mailman to some extend. Let me elaborate: I was testing mailman by sending messages to the list owner. Nothing, the list owner didn't recieve them, and the sendmail queue was empty. I send a test message to the list. Nothing, the sendmail queue was still empty. Not knowing what else to do, I reboot the Linux server and try to start mailmanctl. It gives me the "stale pid" error so I start it with mailmanctl -s. So far, so good, I think. But still no message recieved. I check the logs, and nothing gives me a clue. Then I find this directory: /usr/local/mailmal/locks. When I do a ls, it gives me lots of .lock files with the name of my list. Deciding I had nothing to lose, I delete them all. Voilá, the list owner starts receiving mail I send 3 days ago and the sendmail queue starts to fill with the test message I send sever or eight hours ago! Tomorrow I'll send another test message (I'll wait for this to finish sending), but what I'd like to know, if someone actually has a clue, is what just did happen, or is happening, and more importantly, will it happen again? I think it has something to do with stale locks, but I can't be sure. So, if someone has an idea, please tell me.

P.D.: Forgive my english. It's not my first language and moreover, it's 03:44 in the morning. Thank you all.

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