[Mailman-Users] Resetting admin password

Joshua Beall jbeall at heraldic.us
Wed Jan 19 03:26:20 CET 2005

Hi All,

I have a WHM/Cpanel server that with Mailman 2.1.5 installed (and running 
fine, up until now).

However, I have been trying to using cpanel's 'reset list admin password' 
feature to reset the admin password for one of my list, and it's not 
working.  I know I'm not mistyping it, because I've repeatedly tried copying 
and pasting the same password into the "change admin password to" field in 
cpanel, and then subsequently into the admin password field when attempting 
to login to the web admin tool for Mailman.

Cpanel always reports success when resetting the password, but it is not 

I am wondering what my other options for resetting this password are?  Not 
everybody has cpanel installed - what is the "normal" way to reset a lost 
admin password for Mailman?

Thanks for any assistance!


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