[Mailman-Users] post not logged as 'posted' but appears in archives

Anne Ramey anner at blast.com
Thu Jan 20 23:35:45 CET 2005

I finally found some errors, in the syslog.
  postfix/smtpd[10144]: warning: connect to mysql server localhost: Too 
many connections

This was trying to resolve aliases, etc and running into too many 
connections.  I can understand how that may interfere with bounce 
processing, but would it interfere with the sending of the list?  How 
can I tell what's been sent and what hasn't ?

Anne Ramey

Anne Ramey wrote:
> I have a couple of messages posted to a list (moderated list, sent 
> weekly) that appear in the lists archives, but not in the post log for 
> mailman.  The weeks before that they appear like this:
> Jan 06 14:03:41 2005 (1967) post to tn_sale from 
> mail at customerdomain.tld, size=16694, 3 failures
> Always with 3 failures.  Then last week, the 13th there are no errors 
> anywhere, but no posted log.  Also, their number of out-of-office and 
> bounces seem very low.  They are concerned that it never finished 
> sending.  They sent another today--again, no posted message.  I did not 
> receive todays yet, but it was sent around 11 this morning...and there 
> doesn't seem to be anything in the outgoing queue.  The server is not 
> acting like mailman is busy--I'm not seeing python tasks popping up 
> frequently, like I do when it's sending usually. What else can I check? 
>  Has this happened to anyone else?

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