[Mailman-Users] Setting MIME as default for new Non-Digest subscribers

Steve Reiter coach at stevereiter.com
Wed Jan 26 20:25:47 CET 2005

Hi - I have searched FAQ and archives to find an answer.  Hoping you can 

I have a new list (with previously imported addresses) for announcements 
only, and wish these announcements to be received immediately.

I set the defaults to allow non-digest and to not allow digest.

I wish to send out announcements in html, and so wish to make the 
default for new subscribers be MIME.  While I see a setting under Digest 
Options (MIME_is_Default_Digest), I don't see any equivalent option 
under Non-Digest Options... and new subscribers continue to come in as 
plain text.

In order to avoid having to manually change this option for each 
existing subscriber, is there a way to force all existing subscribers to 
receive MIME in Non-Digest mode?

If not, is there a way to force all NEW subscribers to be enrolled with 
MIME as their default?

Also, is there a way to "lock" the MIME switch on, so that users who try 
to change their option to plain text will be prevented from doing so?

Thanks -


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