[Mailman-Users] vette log/discarded messages

Christopher Adams chris.a.adams at state.or.us
Fri Jan 28 21:11:10 CET 2005

I am following up a previous message about failure to post to a list. As 
I said, the Postfix/maillog shows that it was sent. However, the 
mailman/post log shows nothing. The mailman/vette log shows:

Jan 28 11:32:23 2005 (20467) Message discarded, msgid: 
<41FA9591.5030606 at wherever.com

I am sending as a non-moderated member and have tried changing various 
options for sending from non-members, moderated members, etc. It is set 
to discard automatically from a non-member. However, it looks like it is 
just discarding everything from everyone. I have many other lists and 
have never seen this behavior. The only thing significantly different 
about this list is that there are 38,000 members and the list is updated 
monthly by a script. It is possible that file permissions were changed, 
but I checked that and it doesn't seem to be anything that would affect 

Any ideas?

Christopher Adams

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