[Mailman-Users] [2.1.5] Enable MBox-Archive-Download ...

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Jan 31 17:47:48 CET 2005

Martin Mewes wrote:
>maybe I am just searching the wrong direction but I am desperately 
>looking for a method within 2.1.5 to enable the download of a full 
>"normal" mbox (with no munged headers) within a list.
>The FAQ says, that there is an option in a prior version to disbale this 
>for spam-reasons.

In current versions, this is disabled by default. You don't need to
change any templates to enable it. The default template is
templates/<language>/archtocnombox.html. The template you want is

To enable use of the archtoc.html template and access to the .mbox
files, just put


in mm_cfg.py.

I think in order to make this effective for existing lists, after you
put the above mm_cfg.py you will have to rebuild the archive for each
list with

bin/arch --wipe <listname>

Also note that if you have a list with an archive with no messages in
it, the above may fail because there is no
archives/private/<listname>.mbox/<listname>.mbox file. If this
happens, you can recover with

bin/arch <listname> /dev/null

I.e. no --wipe option and null input mbox.

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