[Mailman-Users] Additional Content Filter Type

Greg Blakely greg at vyger.net
Sun Jul 10 20:54:56 CEST 2005

My apologies if my search on this topic was not thorough enough. That
said, I have a question.

I am wondering if an additional content filter action besides 'reject',
'discard', 'accept', or 'defer' would be a possibility.  Maybe name it
'create hyperlink.'

Here is the scenario:

A user posts a PDF file to a mailing list with public archives.  I would
want that PDF file to be saved to the archives (or some other place on
the Mailman server), and a .URL hyperlink attachment appended in its
place when the posting reaches the recipients.  

Has this already been done?  Is it something that would make sense, if


- Greg -

PS.  The 'PDF' filetype above was listed as an example.  I'm assuming
that this could also be done for other file types such as .XLS, .DOC,
.ZIP, etc.

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