[Mailman-Users] bounce problem

Birgit Fenzke fenzke at biochem.mpg.de
Wed Jul 20 08:35:27 CEST 2005

we are runnung mailman on two different servers under Debian Linux, one server is for the "world", the mailman version is 2.1.4, 
and the other server is located in our LAN reachable only for users working inside our research institute, 
the mailman version is 2.1.5.
The mail program on both servers is postfix, version 1.1.11 but they only pass all mails to or get the mails from our central 
mail server under SuSE Linux with postfix version 2.1.1
The bounce facility in mailman version 2.1.4 runs perfectly on the server in the "world", the list-owner gets the information 
when an list member is disabled or deleted when a member has reached the given bounce score and the member itself is deleted from the list.
This bounce facility does not work on the server with mailman version 2.1.5, in the bounce logfile I can find
"sending rzforum list probe to xxx at biochem.mpg.de ..." after the maximum bounce score has been reached, but nothing happens - no disabling
of the member, no information to the list-owner.
I know that you have changed the bounce algorithm in version 2.1.5 and that the problem might be in the postfix program or in our 
difficult server constellation, but I do not understand why and I have no idea on how to configure my programs properly.
What I do until now is to look in the bounce logfile and delete the list members that have bounce scores manually.
A running bounce facility would be a great help.
Maybe it would be a help when I understand what happens or should happen when a list probe is send to a member and when this probe bounces.
Birgit Fenzke
Monika Haberland

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