[Mailman-Users] Rewriting Headers in 2.1.5

Cogley, Rick rick.cogley at esolia.co.jp
Tue Jul 26 03:19:51 CEST 2005

Mark - thanks very much for your response and advice.

>>Make the "another-list" list anonymous. Then the From: address in the
message it sends back to the tracking system will be the address of the list
which can be a registered user in the tracking system. The original
submitter is still available in the From: header of the attached message.

>>Alternatively, if you can make the tracking system validate on envelope
sender, you only need to register another-list-bounces at domainofmine.net as a
user in the tracking system. Note that if you can do this, you might also be
able to have the rejected-as-unknown mail go directly back to the tracking
system depending on what the envelope sender of the rejected-as-unknown mail

It's now working, and here is what I did to get this working with
TrackStudio (the tracking system I use)- 

* created a single list [prereg] with a single member
track at domainofmine.net, and set the list to anonymous
* set the tracking system "reject" mail address to prereg at domainofmine.net
* created a user in the tracking system with email address
prereg at domainofmine.net, and granted it post permissions on a particular
folder - folder "PREREG"
* associated an email import rule on the PREREG folder - "import mail with
subject that contains "[prereg]" "

Now when a mail comes in to track at domainofmine.net, it is sent to the
tracking system, which looks at it to see if it can be processed. If it
cannot, the system rejects it sending it to the mailman list. The mainman
list reformats the subject line and From: address, making it look like the
mail is coming in from the list itself, and, resends to
track at domainofmine.net. When the tracking system receives the second time,
it now recognizes the From address as being from a known user, and sees that
the mail's subject matches a string in one of the import rules, and thereby
imports to the correct folder. 

Now I have another potential problem that I would like to bounce off the
list. If an unknown user sends an email in, and includes no information in
the body of the text such as an informative signature or other text
indicating who they are, since the From: gets overwritten, we have a
potential situation where we cannot tell who sent the mail in. 

The tracking system is not an email client per se, and does not allow you to
view headers. Therefore I would like to grab the initial From: address (say,
unknown at someco.com) and put it on the subject line, or, in the body. How can
I accomplish that with Mailman? Google and RTF FAQ etc have given some info
about VERP, but I would like to get some advice before embarking on a wild
goose chase. Also, for some reason the tracking system does not do very well
with importing footers, where I know you can place personalized info. Can I
add the original From: to the bottom of the body? 

Can someone kindly point me in the right direction? TIA!!

Best Regards,
Rick Cogley
Tokyo, Japan

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