[Mailman-Users] (re-post) smtp failures, please help

Ricardo Kleemann ricardo at americasnet.com
Thu Jun 2 16:07:12 CEST 2005

Thanks Mark.

This helped me to figure it out...! The envelope sender is set to
mailman-bounces at localhost, and it seems courier doesn't like that. I
verified that by telnetting into my mail server and got the same 517 syntax
error when I sent:

mail from: mailman-bounces at localhost

Is mailman-bounces one of the required aliases? How can I configure mailman
such that it uses a proper email address rather than providing
mailman-bounces at localhost ?

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Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] (re-post) smtp failures, please help

> Ricardo Kleemann wrote:
> >Awesome, this below is exactly what I was looking for; I'll add that code
> >try and get more debug from the smtp transaction.
> <snip>
> >>
> >> You could add following that something like
> >>
> >>        syslog('smtp-failure', 'Args\n envsender->%s
> >>               \n recips->%s\n msgtext->%s', envsender, recips, msgtext)
> >>
> >>
> >> to try to see what is actually being given to the sendmail method that
> >> fails.
> Ooops... can't break a single quoted string across lines. Make that
>         syslog('smtp-failure', 'Args\n envsender->%s\n recips->%s\n
> msgtext->%s',
>                 envsender, recips, msgtext)
> (and watch out for the wrapped line, and be sure the syslog is intented
> to the same level as the preceding one.)
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