[Mailman-Users] short question, probably an FAQ that I've overlooked.

Joshua Nichols jnichols at stimson.org
Thu Jun 2 21:42:32 CEST 2005

Brad Knowles wrote:
>>  When I send a message to a Mailman list with 100 members, does
>>  Mailman inject one message with 100 addresses BCC'd, or 100
>>  messages with one address BCC'd?
> 	Proper mailing list management systems don't use
> blind-carbon-copies.  The equivalent that they do use is to list
> multiple envelope recipients, whose addresses are not necessarily
> referred to on the "To:" or "Cc:" headers.

I didn't realize Mailman integrated with the MTA enough to do it that
way.  Thanks.

> 	However, it depends on how the mailing list software is
> configured.  If personalization is enabled, then it will send out
> individual messages to each and every subscriber.  If personalization
> is not enabled, it will send the messages out in small batches, as
> controlled by your site-wide configuration.

Does this mean that I configure how many recipients in each injection?
For example, I could set it to a high enough number that only a single
message was injected, or break up a distribution list into 10ish emails,
or whatever?

Thanks for your response,


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