[Mailman-Users] Changing "From"-Header in mailman created posts

Garvin Hicking gh at faktor-e.de
Fri Jun 3 16:26:12 CEST 2005


I want to use Mailman in a "posting-only" setup with a few hundred 
users. Setup so far with mailman 2.1.6 on a Debian-Exim System  went 
smooth so far.

What I want now is that only one single user is allowed to post to the 
list, all other users may only read what's posted. I can achieve this 
via setting all but one member to "moderated". This one member can then 
post to the list, and the list would use his email adress as the 
mailinglist adress.

The problem with this is that every user can now send mails to the list 
by just faking the "From" Adress with that one posting user.

The only way to bypass this seems to either:

1.) Enable global moderation. That is a bit cumbersome since I have to 
visit the admin panel each time I post a message. But then I can control 
that no other user abuses the mail adress to post.

2.) "Obfuscate" the posting user mail adress, so that users only see 
"mailman at host" instead of "userXYZ at host". Since nobody sees/knows this 
mail adress, this is fairly safe. However the drawback is that all mails 
are now sent with the mail adress of the list: "mailman at host".

Now I want to use method 2) but I also want that the From: Field looks like:

From: "My personal newsletter" <mailman at host>

The problem is I cannot get a way to pass this "My personal newsletter" 
string into the headers. There seems to be no configuration directive 
for this field, and it is always autogenerated via "From: 
listname at hostname".

Which core Python file would I need to hack to inject this descriptive 
string? Or is there some other way to set an explicit "From" adress, so 
that I can enter '"My Personal Newsletter" <mailman at host>' somewher in 
the interface?

Many thanks in advance,

Garvin Hicking
Faktor E Multimedia GmbH | www.faktor-e.de

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