[Mailman-Users] Non-subscribed distribution list?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Jun 6 17:19:51 CEST 2005

Mailbag (Adolpho) wrote:
>We need a mailing list that is just a distribution list.  Here's the deal:
>We have a neighborhood committee that's composed of several individuals.  We
>would like to have a single address that any resident can send e-mail to.
>That single address would then turn into the several addresses belonging to
>the committee members.  The distribution list cannot require the sender of
>the message to subscribe.  It needs to be an open list.
>So, I have two questions:
>1.  Is this possible with Mailman?

Yes, The committe members subscribe to the list, subscription can be
open or closed as you prefer. Set generic_nonmember_action to accept
and anyone can post.

>2.  If yes, can you please point me in the general direction (docs, etc), so
>I can find out the full answer myself?

See http://www.list.org/admins.html (mirrored at
http://mailman.sourceforge.net/admins.html and

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