[Mailman-Users] Insert character to footer

Terry Allen hmag at ozemail.com.au
Mon Jun 13 00:03:00 CEST 2005

>>  I wish to insert an ampersand (&) into the footer, but >>when I
>>  use plain &, it generates & into the footer. Should I >>enclose it
>>  in some way?

>1.  Create a plain text file in /bin named "footer".  Make >your footer there
>like this:

>Insert the text you want here & make it real nice.
>%(real_name)s mailing list

>2.  Then run /bin/config_list -i foot listname

>That should do it.  But if you change the footer via the >web interface, you
>will screw it up.  Change the /bin/footer file instead.

>This technique will allow you to use double quotes and >other problematic
>characters.  - John

Hi again,
	Thanks for the feedback. I did change the footer using the 
web interface, but it didn't screw up anything except add the & 
into the footer.
	Out of interest, if I use the method you describe above, does 
it alter any other lists, or only the one you apply to the list you 
issue the command on?
	I guess the other minor question I have is - what if I then 
wish to apply other footers to other lists?
	Should your command actually read:

/bin/config_list -i footer listname

instead of :

/bin/config_list -i foot listname

	I'm only guessing that the command needs the name of the file 
- in which case I'd name the file 'listname_footer' or something 
similar. Thanks again for your help.

	Bye for now, Terry Allen 

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