[Mailman-Users] Plans to support 2 lists w/ same name indiffdomains?

Matt England mengland at mengland.net
Mon Jun 13 15:08:23 CEST 2005

At 6/13/2005 12:19 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>Matt England wrote:
> >
> >Can anyone provide recommendations for configuring the 'mailman' email
> >list...that spans the virtual domains?  Should one alias the virtual domain
> >'mailman' list somehow to the "global" mailman list?
>I assume here you're talking about a single, global Mailman serving all
>virtual hosts.


>You have to have a site 'mailman' list, and it is just one list for the
>whole site. The list is normally in the
>DEFAULT_URL_HOST/DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST domain with aliases in that
>domain. However, on the overview listinfo page and admin page for
>other domains, there is a reference to the mailman at that.virtual.domain
>list. For this reason, I think it is best if each domain has aliases
>for at least the posting address for the site list, and the mailman
>administrator for each domain should be subscribed to the site list.

I think I get the high-level concept here, but I'm fuzzy on some things, 
including how to implement this.

Is this how one can/should it?  In this context:

         Default URL and email host domain = lists.default.tld
         Virtual URL and email host domain = lists.virtual.tld
         Setup mailman at lists.default.tld as usual

...how would I route and web-interface mailman at lists.virtual.tld to 
mailman at lists.default.tld (assuming this what I should do)?  I'm not yet 
sure exactly how to email alias/route this (although I suspect I can 
probably do this via my qmail or postfix setup), but I really have little 
idea about how to make the user/admin web interface correlate these 2 things.

I will also have multiple virtual domains (call them lists.virtual2.tld, etc).

Sorry if this is an ignorant question.  Could someone possibly step me 
through the details of this configuration?

I'm hoping to do this for my "hacky" way to support virtual domains right 
now in lieu of building a mailman install for every domain (and dealing 
with the shared mailing list namespace across all domains).


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