[Mailman-Users] No admin/moderator emails being sent

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Jun 15 03:04:06 CEST 2005

Kris Vassallo wrote:
>Approved messages hit the list with no problem. Also things such as
>notifications that people subscribed to the list and list creations
>generate emails to the owner just fine. 

Actually, hold and 'moderator requests' notices are created via a
different method than the subscribe/unsubscribe and list creation

The former (the ones you don't get) are sent to the listname-owner
address and the others are sent directly to the list of owners (and
moderators in the case of sub/unsub).

Since you have verified that the listname-owner address actually works,
It seems there may be a problem with the way the listname-owner
address is obtained for the notification.

Do you have access to bin/withlist? If so, do

bin/withlist listname

Then at the >>> prompt type


and see what is returned (enter control-D at the second >>> prompt to
terminate withlist).

>As for the log, the last thing I see in there is 
>Jun 14 15:05:01 2005 (21068) VirginRunner qrunner started.
>So I watched the log and then sent a message, nothing shows up in the
>log, I don't know if something is supposed to or not. 

It's good you didn't see anything. You were just looking to see a
message about it exiting if there was one. Normally, things just run
and there are no log entries except when a specific mailmanctl action
(stop, start, restart) is done.

Anyway, I think we've ruled out a qrunner problem.

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