[Mailman-Users] No admin/moderator emails being sent

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Jun 15 04:56:14 CEST 2005

Kris Vassallo wrote:
>On Tue, 2005-06-14 at 18:04, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> Since you have verified that the listname-owner address actually works,
>> It seems there may be a problem with the way the listname-owner
>> address is obtained for the notification.
>> Do you have access to bin/withlist? If so, do
>I have root access to the box so I can do whatever :)
>> bin/withlist listname
>> Then at the >>> prompt type
>> m.GetOwnerEmail()
>> and see what is returned (enter control-D at the second >>> prompt to
>> terminate withlist).
>>>> m.GetOwnerEmail()
>'announce-owner at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com'
>Sounds like what you are telling me is that I should be getting the
>email according to the output of the above command. Hmph....  

Yeah, that's what I say - Hmph.... 

So admin_immed_notify is yes, and the poster gets the reply that the
message is held for moderation, but there is no e-mail to the
owner(s), yet mail addressed directly to
announce-owner at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com gets delivered to the list owner(s).

If it were working, you would see three entries in Mailman's smtp log
similar to the following:

Jun 14 10:32:59 2005 (13248)
<mailman.292.1118770378.13246.announce at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com> smtp for 1
recips, completed in 0.027 seconds
Jun 14 10:32:59 2005 (13248)
<mailman.293.1118770378.13246.announce at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com> smtp for 1
recips, completed in 0.030 seconds
Jun 14 10:33:27 2005 (13248)
<mailman.293.1118770378.13246.announce at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com> smtp for 1
recips, completed in 0.029 seconds

The time stamps and (pid) will be different and the digits in the
<message-id>s will be different, and the number of recips for the
third entry would be the number of owners and moderators which may be
more than 1, but here's the crucial thing. The first entry with 292 in
the message-id is the notice back to the poster. The second entry with
293 in the message-id is the notice to
announce-owner at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com, and the third entry with the same
message-id as the second is the re-delivery of the owner notice to the
actual owners/moderators.

Do you see all 3? If not, what? Also is there anything in the
smtp-failure log with the same time/message-id?

Finally, does the same MTA handle mail outgoing from mailman and mail
incoming to mailman. If not, what happens when the outgoing MTA gets
the message for announce-owner at xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com?

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