[Mailman-Users] Multiple subscription requests and reminders

Bruno Ferreira morphine at digitalmente.net
Wed Jun 22 05:04:35 CEST 2005

Brad Knowles wrote:

>     Looking at the other information you've provided, I don't see 
> anything that is helpful in terms of trying to debug your problem. At 
> least from the perspective of Mailman, it seems to have done its job 
> in all the appropriate places and handed the messages over to the MTA.
>     From that point, it's up to the MTA, and that's something we can't 
> help you with.

    I believe you may have misread my post (or part of it). The problem 
is not that e-mails don't get send, it's that a subscription requests 
(especially reminders) go out in multiple copies to the recipient. In 
the example given, a single subscription request ended up being 
quadruplicated by Mailman (for no apparent reason). All of the logs 
files I've pasted point to this. The hashes in the messages are all 
different, which seems to indicate Mailman somehow processing the same 
subscription request 4 times. In particular, subscription reminders 
usually come out in quantities of 16. Mailman seems to be working fine 

    The problem wasn't the users not getting their mail, it was about 
them getting too much of it. I've looked in the Plesk forums anyway, and 
no-one seemed to have this problem. I've looked at the troubleshooting 
FAQ as well, and reviewed the following:

    * Mailmanctrl is running
    * Aliases are OK
    * smrsh is not used
    * Messages are going out well (too well), so the interfaces are fine
    * Only one lock file is present, for the current daemon PID
    * Logs: already checked those (and posted the relevant ones), it
      seems everything is ok too
    * Queues are empty, as they should be
    * SMTPHOST is fine as outbund messages work ok

    -- Bruno Ferreira

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