[Mailman-Users] SuSe 9.3 / Mailman / Python 2.4-14: cannot read wrapper configuration file

Poster Poster at aurora.cotse.net
Sun Jun 26 08:10:59 CEST 2005

Greetings everyone. I'm using SuSe 9.3 with the suppled Mailman and
Python and I'm running smack dab into the dreaded "Cannot read wrapper
configuration file" error. This is obtained when I try to send mail to
aliases for a list, or when I try to execute any of Mailman's CGI
programs through the web interface.

I've checked the gid files and both are set to group 67 -- the mailman
group. The gid files are owned by mailman/mailman, as is everything in
the mailman cgi-bin directory (which I've moved under the apache
cgi-bin just for convienience). Apache's configuration files give all
users the ability to see and execute the cgi-bin scripts in /cgi-bin
and in /cgi-bin/mailman.

The log files are no help and there's not much info on this on the
Net, or even in the archives. (All the mail error logs tell me is that
it died on signal 8 because it was unable to read wrapper
configuration file.)

Any ideas?


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