[Mailman-Users] seeking automatic discard of non-member posts

Stan Pokras pokras at ntronline.org
Mon Jun 27 06:06:21 CEST 2005


My service provider offers Mailman version 2.0.11

I have our lists set for member only posts and all posts must be 
approved because some of our members have had virus or spam-base 
messages posted to the list without their knowledge.

I want all other posts to be discarded without my having to click on 
the discard choice. I don't even want to know about non-member posts 
since people finding out about our lists will be advised to email me. 
So, they won't be writing to the list to gain admission.

How can we set Mailman to automatically discard non-member posts?

And, how can we clear out the 300 or more postings which are waiting 
to be deleted in one of these lists. It's now totally useless until 
these messages are cleared out.

Thank you for your reply. My service provider doesn't know how to 
help me with this.


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