[Mailman-Users] seeking automatic discard of non-member posts

Postal Worker mailman at epic.org
Mon Jun 27 06:40:50 CEST 2005

>I want all other posts to be discarded without my having to click on
>the discard choice. I don't even want to know about non-member posts
>since people finding out about our lists will be advised to email me.
>So, they won't be writing to the list to gain admission.
>How can we set Mailman to automatically discard non-member posts?

See below

>And, how can we clear out the 300 or more postings which are waiting
>to be deleted in one of these lists. It's now totally useless until
>these messages are cleared out.

The held posts are in

I have a script I run:

         # script to purge queue
         rm -v /var/lib/mailman/data/heldmsg*
         echo Done

that zaps all of them. You could run it from cron.

When you go to the pending admin actions, you'll get a bunch of 
"message lost" indications but other than that, no problems. Just hit 
go and the remains are flushed.

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