[Mailman-Users] The unsubscribe users are STILL receiving themailing list password reminders messages

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Mar 5 20:02:12 CET 2005

Wang, Mary Y wrote:
>I'm using mailman-2.0.6-1 on a Redhat 7.2 box.  Recently, few ex-mailing
>list subscribers complained about that they have already unsubscribe
>those mailing lists, but yet they still received the monthly password
>reminder email message.  
>I know I'm using an older version of mailman, and I don't have time to
>install the later version.  How do I remove those users from the monthly
>password reminder email message broadcast.  Also why does the
>unsubscribe logic IS NOT affecting the password reminder logic in

Ask the users to forward to you the password reminder. This will tell
you to what list(s) they are subscribed and with what e-mail address.
They may be subscrribed to an inactive list they've forgotted or have
their delivery disabled but still be subscribed.

The notice itself should give you all you need to figure it out.

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