[Mailman-Users] List with "&" in title

John Fleming john at wa9als.com
Sun Mar 6 02:16:19 CET 2005

I have a list with & in the title - Let's say a&b for an example.  This is 
causing several problems:

1.  On pages like listinfo, mailman capitalizes the first letter, so it 
appears as A&b, which is not what I want, but can tolerate.  If I try to 
make the case change only with the web interface, it won't let me.  It says 
only make case changes, and that's what I try, but it's unhappy.  No big 

2.  I also can't delete the list using bin/rmlist - The command line doesn't 
like the ampersand.  So I circumvented this by changing mm_cfg.py to allow 
list owners to delete their own list with the web interface.  OK so far.

3.  But the biggest problem is that I can't use bin/withlist commands like 
fix_url with this listname with the ampersand in it!

So my main question is - Is there a way to escape the ampersand such that I 
can run withlist or arch commands on this list, or do I just have to use 
another name?  Thanks - John

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