[Mailman-Users] Dumb question of the day

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Mar 6 02:18:15 CET 2005

Don wrote:
>I'd like to set up a 'test' list for a couple people to see what
>they will be working with to administrate a list.  It appears to
>me that giving someone administrative privelages for a specific
>list will not cause any security breech of the site itself.
>Therefore, my 'dumb question' for the day is...
>am I correct?


>Is there any "reasonable" way for someone to mess up anything
>outside of that specific list?

Not directly that I know of.

You have to trust them somewhat. They can do stupid things. As long as
they only subscribe themselves and maybe a few others, you are
probably OK. Consider though that they could subscribe a large list of
AOL addresses and send a message to which some significant fraction of
recipients clicks "this is spam" and then your site gets blacklisted
by AOL.

Or, they could set up a large list with "reply to list" and create a
huge mess of "stop sending me this" messages going back to the list
which can bring your server to it's knees and get you blacklisted as

These things are unlikely, and if you're only talking small test list
and just mistakes and not maliciousness, you're probably fine.

>It appears that everything is safe... but I'd like to hear
>that for certain from someone who KNOWS what they are doing
>far better than I do.  Sorry if this is an irritation to

Doesn't hurt to be careful.

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